When I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C over four years ago, I felt that I had been given a death sentence. My liver function tests were dreadful and I was feeling constantly nauseous and fatigued. I was not seen as a good candidate for interferon treatment due to my high viral load, type of Hepatitis C and risk of depression. I could only see a future in which I would continue to feel ill, and my symptoms worsen. I went to Tara at House of Sage in the hope that she would be able to reduce my nausea and fatigue. Through a combination of herbs, kinesiology, dietary advice and viral zapping she achieved that and so much more. For the past two years all my liver function tests have been normal, even though I still have a high level of virus in my blood. At my most recent appointment with my consultant he mentioned that my liver should not be functioning normally with the high viral load in my blood stream and could not understand how this could be. Rather frustratingly, when I tried to tell him he was not very interested. Thank you Tara, I know that my continued good health has been due to your help.