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Meet Tara Shaw

Master of Nursing | Bachelor of Naturopathy | Specialised in Kinesiology, Homotoxicology, Biomesotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Tara is a registered nurse and a naturopath. She is originally from Canada and has worked as a nurse for 26 years. She originally specialized in reproductive health, and nutritional teaching. Tara worked in Saudi Arabia on the high-risk mother baby unit for several years before moving to Australia where she lectured at Griffith University for the nursing department.

Tara has a Master of Nursing Degree and a Bachelor of Naturopathy degree and continues to take courses yearly to offer you the latest information on natural medicine. Trauma counselling and recovery using cognitive behavioral therapy and kinesiology (multiple neuro techniques to release trauma are applied). She has done extra work in kinesiology for sports injury, acupuncture, biomesotherapy for sports injury management and is also a remedial massage therapist. She helps people recover from injury and incorporates pilates where needed.

Animal studies have been her interest for the past year and she has been treating animal skin disorders and joint problems on her property at East Deep Creek Gympie. Herbal medicine and homeopathy are a regular part of her practice.

At the House of Sage, Tara can do heavy metal testing, gut flora analysis, allergy testing, and kinesiology muscle testing to get to the bottom of your health care issues. Patients can also be sent for necessary blood work if required or she can work in conjunction with your GP to help obtain your health goals.

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I use Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is basically the use of a combination of therapies to assist the body to heal itself:

“The term Integrative Medicine (IM) refers to the blending of conventional and natural/complementary medicines and/or therapies along with lifestyle interventions and a holistic approach – taking into account the physical, psychological, social and spiritual wellbeing of the person – with the aim of using the most appropriate, safe and evidence-based modality(ies) available.“ (AIMA joint working party/RACGP: ‘Best Practice’ document)

At the House of Sage we use the following to get your body back in balance and to assist with improvement in health outcomes in cases of chronic disease and cancer therapy, we also offer integrative solutions during chemotherapy treatment:

Herbal Medicine
Chinese herbal Medicine
Remedial and deep tissue massage
Biomesotherapy for joint problems, arthritis, trauma, etc.
Bowen therapy

Emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the client is all addressed at every appointment as our treatment is from a wholistic approach where these elements cannot be seperated as they all affect the health of the individual. Kinesiology offers fantasic opportunities to improve your emotional and physical wellbeing as well as helping with learning disorders, motivation, and factors that disable our goals such as fear, phobias, nightmares and low self worth. We seek to find the solution that is most individually tailored and will help you reach your health and wellbeing goals.

Proven for thousands of years
Long lasting results
Balanced combination of different treatment methods
Holistic approach
Supports the self-healing powers of the body
Gentle and low side effect efficacy

Real people. Real results.

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Holistic Health Programs

Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine

Help from nature

Massage & Acupuncture & Bowen

Smart balance

Kinesiology & CBT Trauma Counselling

Mental health

Pet Health & Treatment

For our furry friends

Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine

Help from nature

Past and current health issues, trauma and toxicity burden affect your total well being as well as your emotional and mental health.  During this assessment your health issues will be looked at from a holistic perspective.

The initial consultation normally takes about one hour.  During your consultation your mineral status, nutritional status and lifestyle /stress levels will all be evaluated to form a complete picture of your health. It is advisable to eat a protein meal the night before and to abstain from alcohol before your consultation as urine testing may also need to be done. If consult is online over zoom then you will be sent a hair sample test kit in the mail should you agree to hair testing. Gut function testing can also be sent in the mail.

Individual wellness programs can be created to help you focus your diet and lifestyle habits into a pattern that will improve your health and get you feeling more energetic.  We do nutritional/health consults for athletes and people doing heavy physical training.

Health treatments nutritional plans, herbal medicine supplementation based on Western and Chinese medicine, acupuncture, kinesiology or remedial massage and bowen therapy to promote relaxation.  Homeopathy, energy work and cognitive behavioural therapy counselling all play a role in addressing your whole body health.

Tara uses the highest quality, scientifically tested frequency generators to eliminate viruses and parasites. Therapeutic supplements are prescriber only for our clients to ensure they receive the best supplementation for their investment.

At House of Sage we cater to the entire family’s health, including the family pet. Pet acupuncture and herbal medicine is one of our many services.  Come in and be Saged, or if you prefer, zoom in and be Saged!

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Remedial Massage & Acupuncture & Bowen Therapy

Smart balance
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Kinesiology & CBT Trauma Counselling

Mental health

At House of Sage we use kinesiology in addition to our remedial massage to assist the body with just a few of the following problems.

  • Pain
  • Trauma release and recovery
  • Stress & Confusion
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Fatigue & Tiredness
  • Back Problems
  • Allergic responses
  • Nervous Disorders
  • Sports Injuries
  • Personal Development
  • General Wellbeing

Muscle testing measures how the nervous system controls its muscle functions.
There are over two-hundred bones connected to hundreds of muscles in the body. These all need to be working properly together, to enable good nerve, lymph and blood supply throughout the body. Gentle corrections and alignment of these systems may be applied to balance the body’s physical structure.

Muscle monitoring is used to assess how the system is functioning. This process can highlight possible areas of weakness. eg. a problem with the nervous system, the lymphatic drainage, the vascular supply to a muscle or organ, a nutritional excess or deficiency, a problem with the cranial-sacral, an imbalance in the meridian system or a host of other problems. Kinesiology borrows from many different disciplines and through the use of accurate, scientific muscle testing, in addition to the knowledge of the practitioner, helps direct the care to exactly what the patient’s needs are.

Kinesiology can assess a person’s nutritional status, including food intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and other chemical sensitivities. It can help determine the supplements the body requires the most at that particular point in time. This benefits athletes as well as clients who require supplements such as minerals or other vitamins they may be lacking from their diet.

Eliminate the questions regarding your health and ask our practitioner about incorporating kinesiology into your next health assessment!

Counselling services at HOUSE OF SAGE

Online counselling services work for most people as clients can dial in from all over the world. Tara currently treats people in Europe, the Americas and also Australia.

The counselling services Tara offers are based on cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT. However, it is not traditional but rather tailored to your needs.

What will this offer you?

If you have past trauma, counselling can help you understand how thoughts, emotions, behaviours and situations are all closely related and influence each other. Knowing the interrelationship between these factors and the underlying trauma helps you reconstruct how you formulate your reality and be able to move on to a more workable framework to follow, without dragging your past into every situation with you. Release the importance of past issues and make your NOW more important!

The sessions are short-term, goal focussed and flexible. Each session is an individualised approach to treatment for many types of emotional and behavioural issues. The aim of the sessions varies with each meeting, however, the basis is to slow down and consider if there is a different way to view things and thus create a different response. There will be an emphasis on the here and now, requiring a level of motivation and commitment from the person in both session and outside of sessions.

If you feel ready for change and wish to explore new approaches to creating your reality and THE life you want; without all the past baggage influencing your current direction, well, then call Tara at House of Sage now.


These sessions can also be expanded into a DUAL appointment where your physical health is also addressed as well as your mental health, the reality is: the two cannot be separated. One influences the other. Your entire body is connected after all.

Online sessions can be booked via email.
Sessions can be done via zoom or on the phone through telegram. (no call charges will apply with telegram)

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Pet Health & Treatment

For our furry friends
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Price List

All prices are in AUS dollars. Online consults via ZOOM are available or by phone via TELEGRAM with no call charges as telegram is free to make calls.

Initial Naturopath Consult
$135.00 Takes approximately 1.5 hours. Can include kinesiology/mineral and heavy metal testing (are separate lab fees)
Naturopath appt
$120.00 per hour
Remedial massage
$85.00 per hour
Kinesiology testing/clearing/treatment
$120.00 per hour
Acupuncture: often combined with massage
$85.00 per hour
CBT counselling/therapy
$120.00 per hour, longer appointments are available

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Rachel, Brisbane
Work with you holistically

I have known Tara for a number of years now, she has worked with my children as well myself & my husband.  Tara is warm, caring and understanding.  She takes time to truly listen to you and work with you holistically to achieve your goals.  I’d highly recommend Tara to anyone.

Jane, Brisbane
My children felt very comfortable

I have known Tara for over 15 years as both a client and an employee. Tara helped my children and addressed various health issues and provided care and support which kept us all on the right track health wise. My children all felt very comfortable with Tara and benefited from her guidance and treatments. As an employee I saw many clients, both long and short term, all receive professional health management and quality care and each one felt heard and listened to by Tara. I would highly recommend Tara as a naturopath and health professional.

Christine, Haigslea
Naturopathic medicine for the whole family

Our whole family have known Tara Shaw on a professional and personal level for well over 10 years now.  She has helped us all with many challenging health issues with her healing abilities through an extensive knowledge of alternative and natural treatments. Tara has imparted to every member of our family a better understanding of how important Naturopathic medicine is to healing the body by addressing the underlying causes of illness and lifestyle changes to make as a preventative. We collectively thank Tara wholeheartedly for her concern, caring and natural holistic approach to our health and wellbeing.  We cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone looking to heal and optimise their health.

Jay, Brisbane
Liver function normalized after hepatitis C infection

When I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C over four years ago, I felt that I had been given a death sentence. My liver function tests were dreadful and I was feeling constantly nauseous and fatigued. I was not seen as a good candidate for interferon treatment due to my high viral load, type of Hepatitis C and risk of depression. I could only see a future in which I would continue to feel ill, and my symptoms worsen. I went to Tara at House of Sage in the hope that she would be able to reduce my nausea and fatigue. Through a combination of herbs, kinesiology, dietary advice and viral zapping she achieved that and so much more. For the past two years all my liver function tests have been normal, even though I still have a high level of virus in my blood. At my most recent appointment with my consultant he mentioned that my liver should not be functioning normally with the high viral load in my blood stream and could not understand how this could be. Rather frustratingly, when I tried to tell him he was not very interested. Thank you Tara, I know that my continued good health has been due to your help.

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