Sports Injuries

Biomesotherapy now available at House of Sage.

Over 70 million Biomesotherapy treatments take place in Europe each year. It is a popular form of
natural medicine for a variety of conditions.

Help your body heal:


Biomesotherapy has been used in Europe for years by the elite athletes and even Australian athletes have had to fl y to Spain, Italy and Germany for treatment. Well now, the treatment is available here
in Brisbane! Biomesotherapy reduces healing time of sports injuries and helps the body heal chronic injuries. You will be amazed at the reduced swelling and recovery of acute injuries and the level of pain control it offers. Get back to your game faster and improve your performance!


Biomesotherapy can be used for infl ammation in joints and give relief for conditions such as tennis elbow, whiplash, arthrosis, fi bromyalgia, frozen shoulder, back strains and pain, knee problems. It is
particularly effective for treating muscle pain anywhere in the body. House of Sage also combines biomesotherapy with other natural remedies so your whole body can detox, helping your body heal from the inside out!

Get some relief using completely natural remedies! Why not mix it up and try a massage with some acupuncture and or biomesotherapy? You may find the results quite satisfying. Biomesotherapy helps cancer patients detox on a cellular to organ level, it can also benefi t asthmatics, chronic skin issues, arthritis and any autoimmune conditions.

When do Doctors and Practitioners suggest using Biomesotherapy ?

It is up to your practitioner to decide if Biomesotherapy is appropriate for you. The majority of patients are treated with Biomesotherapy as an alternative for pain management. Pain is a warning that something is wrong in the body . Simply taking pain medication does not heal the underlying problem.

Although there is pain relief, it is important to realise that Biomesotherapy does not suppress the symptoms as with conventional medicine. It simply reorganizes the body’s information to support a healing process.

More than one treatment may be necessary for initial improvement. If your pain is recent it may be treated in two or three sessions. If the pain has been present for months it may take longer.

The House of Sage can work with your doctor for a combined program of success. In some patients it can be advantageous to combine your current therapy with Biomesotherapy.