Animal Health


When it comes to caring for your pet, their health is a priority.  They are ever faithful so it pays to make sure you are caring for them as much as they care about you.

Natural remedies for Animals:

Yes! Your pets can benefi t from Biomesotherapy, homeopathy and herbs!

Pets are treated in your home or at our Naturopaths rural property.

Biomesotherapy benefi ts horses with muscle and ligament problems, pain, skin problems, allergic dermatitis, asthma, slow healing of wounds and for performance. It helps with stiffness after tough performances.

Tara also does acupuncture on horses with chronic issues.

Tara has successfully treated a variety of chronic health problems in both dogs and horses. She has successfully treated equine fl u with herbal medicine and Biomesotherapy. Tara also used homotoxicology (a form of homeopathy) for treating all illness in pets.

Please note: She does not treat reptiles or small birds.

She has had success in treating poultry. All serious acute illnesses require veterinary diagnosis
before proceeding.

Herbs and nutrition can help your pet with various ailments such as arthritis, ligament problems, gut problems.

Why not try kinesiology or acupuncture for your pet if it has emotional issues such as stress when
left alone?

Tara Shaw is a fully qualified practitioner in both Homotoxicology and Biomesotherapy.
She is a member of ANTA so her fees are partially covered by most healthcare providers. (pets excluded of course)
Tara has a Master of Nursing, Bachelor of Naturopathy and has specialised in both Kinesiology and Biomesotherapy.

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