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Qualified Professionals – Naturopath & Nurse

The House of Sage provides a natural approach to health and well being for all of the family.

We have a Registered nurse/Naturopath, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist that operate from the clinic at THE HOUSE OF SAGE Karalee/Barellan Point. We offer herbal medicine, complimentary cancer therapy, nutritional and lifestyle coaching, kinesiology for goal setting and health management and treatment for most ailments, using only certified natural products. Tara specializes in reproductive health for both men and women.


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Tara Shaw

(Registered Nurse, Master of Nursing, Bachelor of Naturopathy)

Tara offers her 12 years of nursing experience from Canada. She specialised in community care, focusing on cardiac rehab and wound care management. She also specialised in mother/baby care and enjoyed her time working with high risk mothers on the ante partum/post-partum unit in Saudi Arabia. In Brisbane, Tara enjoyed her role in the university environment as a Nurse Educator and as a Naturopath; she now focuses on teaching her clients the skills to create their own optimum health.

A full consultation with her includes a 1.5 hour health interview /assessment, urine analysis (if needed), nutritional assessment and counselling, iridology, mineral therapy and kinesiology (optional). She does lab testing for heavy metals, allergies if required. Bookings essential.

Tara has also trained in Kinesiology, a modality that uses muscle testing to gain bio- feedback from the body. This biofeedback can be used with detox and nutritional test kits to determine whether the body is defi cient in nutrients or if it has been exposed to toxins such as parasites, heavy metals or pesticides. She then can prescribe nutritional supplementation or Chinese/western herbs, to improve your health. Kinesiology can also be used for releasing emotional disturbances, mental stress, learning diffi culties, anxiety, nightmares and a variety of health problems. Kinesiology can help keep a positive focus durning weight loss and cancer treatment. N.O.T. is a form of kinesiology that helps with structure realignment without harsh adjustments.

Sports injuries are successfully treated using a combination of remedial massage, acupuncture and biomesotherapy.

Tara is registered with the Australian Natural Therapists Association

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